Portfolio Concepts

Beautiful HTML5, jquery, bootstrap, and Rails projects. These projects will help me to show off my skills and experience in web development.

Project Goals

These projects will help me to show off my skills and experience in web development. While working with the project's problems, it's important to take them as a challenge that will push me to overcome my fears. I will repeat and revise my frontend and backend projects from CF to be more confident at using them. I will refine, modify and enhance the performance of each project.

Course Goals

I am changing my career plus advancing my existing set of skills in web development. If I will have free time, I would like to travel the world, and would surely consider freelancing options. There could be more reasons for doing freelancing, but my priority is to get hired as an entry level developer in IT company.

About Me

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My name is Tahir Kalim, Syed. I did Masters in detector Physics. My Master thesis was on the pnCCD detector. During data analysis, by using Origin software and IDL programming, I became interested in programming and software development. I started learning programming languages and explored different dimensions in IT world. I have learned various technologies from online courses offered by Codecademy, Codeschool, Udemy, Freecodecamp, Openclassromms and Teamtreehouse. Now I am seriously taking the Careerfoundry certification to land my first professional job.

My Skills

  • HTML5, CSS3, jQuery and Bootstrap
  • Javascript and Ruby on Rails
  • Github and Heroku.

More About Me & Projects

I have recently graduated from CareerFoundry which is a 6-month intensive training program for web developers, specializing in Ruby on Rails and front-end development. My portfolio website content provides relevant information, about professional and technical development. The portfolio single-page, the vertical scrolling site has readability on different devices. The site is developed using HTML5, CSS3, with semantic tags, including forms, embeds, modal windows, tooltips, and footers. The CSS is used to style the font and colors of HTML elements later the CSS file was revised for efficiency and systematic presentation. Also, JQuery, Javascript and Bootstrap codes are implemented to make the website responsive and interactive. In this project, jQuery plugin was used for advanced functionality by linking script files with HTML file, as well as writing JavaScript directly within script tags. By applying modern frameworks, libraries, plugins and contemporary web technologies, the present website structure was achieved.

I am consistent, take responsibility for my work. I possess excellent analytical, leadership and presentation skills. Due to past teaching experience, I feel confident in public speaking. With my intermediate web development skills, I can make modern interactive websites with backend functionality. My goal is to continue my career in web development by bringing and optimizing new products. The desired work environment is warm progressive which keeps work, and normal life balance also allows to work from home and care about the academic development of their employees.


Description about the projects made in the last few months are given below. Project will be continuously added.

  1. Rails bookshop is a production-ready web app and will be able to securely receive credit card payments and make server requests through AJAX and the JSON API.
  2. Build a Flipboard home page and learned how to add interactivity to a website. In this project the JavaScript and jQuery are connected to HTML files to make a menu appear and disappear. Also allow user actions to modify HTML elements.
  3. Codcademy makes easy to learn programming for anyone, anywhere to learn. Now, it has started a project based learning to make it just simple. Here is an example of Flickrphoto search api where AJAX is used to fetch the data.
  4. This was my first project using html and css. This will replaced in future with another Rails app.

Contact Us

  • Name: Tahir kalim
  • Email: thrkalim@gmail.com
  • City: Frankfurt
  • State: Hessen
  • Profession: Web Developer


Learn More

I like coding and I love doing it. Athough I am relatively new and it’s a long way to go but far is far unless you go. I already have more than one year experience and good understanding I am confident that in proper environment I can excel.
First priority is to gain professional web-development experience by joining any international company which allows to work from home. Moreover, I love teaching and I can use 7 years of teaching experience in motivating and injecting set of skill I already possess to new comers.
It’s the perspective, positive vision, motivation, consistency and a bit of fire and desire which lead to success. But wait if you have these qualities still the MOST important thing is the proper guidance for professional work and networking which will help in shaping and selling the acquired skills. I trust careerfoundy team will provide that most important thing.
I have taken many online courses from codecademy, treehouse codeschool, and udemy. Now I can independently learn new technologies but the missing part is again the proper environment, professional work and developers network to reach the main stream.
I would like to start working on commercial application of any kinds. On the other hand I have strong desire to present my services to open educational projects. Working with commercial application will keep me financially strong and indulging in open educational source will make my life purposeful and spiritually content.